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A modern take on French Moroccan cuisine.

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Marketing Website


Service Industry/Restaurant


WordPress, Tock

What We Delivered

Website design, Local SEO directory repair, content management

Client Overview

Fhima’s Restaurant is owned and operated by Chef David Fhima and the Fhima family. The cuisine follows the Fhima family’s heritage of Moroccan, Spanish, and Sicilian culture while incorporating Chef Fhimas’ French culinary training in some of the country’s most iconic French restaurants.

Our Objectives

When sitting down with the Fhima family and their crew, we discussed the needs of their business. The Art Deco interior of the space they were occupying is famous for its history in Minneapolis dating back to several well-known eateries including the Forum Cafeteria. Its original purpose was erected in 1914 at the Saxe Theatre. The Fhima’s had been operating already when we built our relationship with them, however, they were stuck with a website company in California that did not understand their needs, nor deliver production work in a timely manner.

Equally important was their vision. Chef is a creative thinker who wanted a partner who could digest his thoughts and come up with live options to critique. Moreover, simplicity was key.  

Say It In Pictures

The team at Fhima’s Restaurant is all about visuals. They believe that their selling point is the creations that they pour their lives into and the service that delivers and speaks to them at the table. There’s no better way to invite a guest into their world, than to unfold it online and allow them to book an experience.

Fhima's Restaurant Cuisine page

Brand Strategy

We needed to understand their brand and not overthink things. Working with the Fhimas is a fun and dynamic process of show and tell. They know what they want in their mind’s eye and enjoy helping develop that vision as it is being worked on. Finding a dynamic partner for the website design was important so that we could roll with the changes and offer expedient solutions to changes and new ideas. 

The brand, again, was aiming to “invite” you into their space. We’ve done that, offered a menu to peruse online, and a way to book your experience. 

Fhima's Website Viewpoints

Fhima's Restaurant website mockup. Raging Bull Digital
Fhima's Restaurant website mockup - menu. Raging Bull Digital

David Fhima

Chef & Founder, Fhima’s Restaurant Group

“Good people doing great work.”

Eli Fhima

Maitre’d/Director of Operations, Fhima’s Restaurant Group

“We love working with Sammy, he just gets us.”

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