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Serving Minneapolis since 1985, Gittelson Jewelers is Your Family-Owned Jeweler

Type of Project

Website Redesign, Blog Creation, Local SEO


Consumer Retail/Jewelry


WordPress, Hubspot CRM

What We Delivered

Website design, Local SEO directory repair, content management, social media management, blog article creation.

Client Overview

Serving Minneapolis since 1985, Gittelson Jewelers is unsurpassed as Minnesota’s premier luxury jewelry store, offering wedding rings, diamonds, watches, and custom jewelry.

In 1985 Gene Gittelson opened the doors and hasn’t looked back since. When you come to Gittelson Jewelers it’s not like any other jewelry store. The Gittelson’s goal is not just to make a sale, but to put a lifelong smile on a customer’s face and to build generational relationships. Gittelson Jewelers has always primarily positioned itself as a face-to-face business model. They have serviced esteemed clients such as Kirby Puckett, Prince, and various Mayors of Minneapolis.

Our Objectives

Change has happened for all of us and Gittelson Jewelers has not been immune to the modern E-commerce sales growth. Not as many people walk in the store anymore and downtown Minneapolis does not have the business culture post-Covid that it used to. Our discussion with the business owner has focused on identifying trending jewelry themes, and keywords that serve search results, and producing web pages and content that align with those interests. 

Ultimately getting viewers into the website whether they are local or national, is a priority for sales opportunities for Gittelson Jewelers.

The Homepage Tells a Story

What are customers looking for in modern jewelry stores? The homepage tells a story. Lab-created diamonds and gemstone jewelry are Gen Z’s focal points for engagements. Affordable and beautiful jewelry, such as Desmos Italia is also a best-seller. In the world of Instagram and TikTok, “Wearing Your Story” is the most important part of choosing your jewelry. Gittelson Jewelers delivers. 

Gittelson jewelers home page layout

Brand Strategy

We needed to help Gittelson Jewelers present a new, fresh face and an e-commerce option to purchase some items online. They’re a customer-service-focused store meaning the custom design a lot of jewelry for their clients and also source items that one may bee looking for versus displaying an entire store full of ready-to-wear items to look at. They thrive in their relationships and live to serve the people who walk in their doors. 

So, offering a mix of these cultures online was a priority and a challenge. 

Gittelson Jewelers Website Viewpoints

Gittelson Jewelers website mockup by Raging Bull Digital
Gittelson Jewelers website mockup by Raging Bull Digital - Desmos Italia product page
Gene Gittelson and Michael Gittelson of Gittelson Jewelers

Michael Gittelson

Owner and Operator | Gittelson Jewelers

Sam At Raging Bull Digital has taken our business to the next level! Sam has demonstrated an amazing work ethic also the ability to clearly listen & see the BIG picture. We love to work with him also will continue to moving forward. Thank you Sam at Raging Bull Digital!

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